Royal House of Bagration (Georgia)

H.R.H. Prince David de Bagration of Moukhrany
H.R.H. Davit Bagrationi Mukhran Batonishvili,
Prince of Mukhrani, Prince of Kartli, Prince of Georgia, Duke of Lasos
Pretender to the throne of Georgia, Head of the Family Council of the Royal House of Georgia,
Sovereign Head and Grand Master of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and
the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Queen Tamara
Sovereign Head of the Council of the Medal of Merit

Royal Patron of our RCST.

On the date 17th of December 2007, H.R.H. Prince George de Bagration of Moukhrany, Head of the Royal Family of Bagration (Georgia), Pretender to the Throne of Georgia and Grandmaster of the Order of the Tunic of Our Lord became the Royal Patron of the RCST in perpetuity and provided the Patronage of the Royal House of Georgia to the Confratenity.

It is with great regret that H.R.H. Prince George Bagration was called to be with our Lord on the 16th of January 2008.